Beach Style Rental Furniture Gets a New Look

by Natalie Eshkenasy in

A new style to a favorite line has been launched as part of the new rental furniture additions to Ronen Bar and Furniture. The L-Shaped Lounge Chair has a new form to comfort with the back being in the shape of an 'L.' This design has been carefully modified and structured with the capabilties of being placed in a set-up with the already existing Double-Side Back Lounge Chair.

There are multiple set-ups that can be created with combining these two lounge chairs, as seen in the accompanied pictures. To have a more intimate and personal setting, you can have a face-to-face set-up. Or if you would like to draw your guests' attention to a specific area of your venue, you can set-up these lounge chairs as a "long view" so that your guests are able to clearly view the main attraction. As an event planner, this gives you the freedom to create the area you are looking for.

As with most of the furniture we provide, custom fabrics are available upon request. Standard colors are stark white and mango gold. Accent pillows are also available and add a colorful touch to the final look.