Rent The Look: Lunch at the Raleigh

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Ronen Rental - Rent the Look - lunch at the raleigh

For this Rent the Look, we're taking you for lunch at the Raleigh Hotel so we can chat about a Classic Miami theme and Floridian chic looks.

To start, the Art Deco building itself is beautiful (by L. Murray Dixon 1940). It has terrazzo floors and that mid-century walnut wood throughout its interior that warms your heart. The Pool is magical on so many levels: it's curvy with a black trim and surrounded by lush greenery and stripes. It's the perfect backdrop for aquatic swimmers and mermaids (Esther Williams filmed a few scenes at this pool) and in 1947, Life Magazine called it "The most beautiful pool in America" I think it still is. How can you not feel amazing being in a place like this? it's whimsical and dreamy, and unpretentious. If you're looking for a Floridian themed event, the Raleigh Hotel is a great place to draw inspiration from.

Our Hunter Green Lounge Chairs paired with graphic black and white stripes are a perfect way to bring this look to your event. The Miami aqua pillows add a pop of color while subliminally represent the color of the pool :) and of course, the addition of green tropical plants is a must.   

The "R" at the top of the building stands for Ronen Rent...kidding. 



Block Party - Rent the Look + Friends

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Ronen rental-block-party-RTL-blog.jpg

Block party is about a fun and unpretentious urban gathering. Great for outdoors maybe in the afternoon when the sunlight is golden and you sip some cold brewed coffee. It can also be cool inside an open warehouse at night with market lights, beers, and sliders. 

For this Rent the Look, we've included some of our friends, companies in the event industry and beyond, who share the same passion for great design and experiences like us. For you, it's just one step forward in finding what you need to design a great event faster and easier. Hope our friends will become your friends too :)

(1) Ronen Rental - Pallet Lounge- Sideline view configuration with mango and gray seat cushions. (more info about pallet lounge configurations HERE) //(2) Ace Props - Yellow & White Beach Umbrella  get this one or mix and match different colors - anything works! //(3) Ronen Rental - Assorted Pillows //(4) Ronen Rental - Yellow Flattered Tables //(5) Ronen Rental - Cubes in Tangled Green. //(6) Ronen Rental- Beer Garden Tables + Benches //(7) Vice City Bean cafe - Cold Brew pop-up cart. Did you know they have pop-up cold brew carts for events? contact them for more info //(8) Ronen Rental - Chalk Bar //(9) Roses et Pivoines - Plants and potted herbs. seriously, plants make the space feel so alive - it's a must. //(10) Illumene - Market Lights and ambiance lighting.


Do you have a product that will look great with our rent the looks?

drop us a line - let's collaborate




Rent The Look: Coconut Escape

by Natalie Eshkenasy

I'm so happy about this rent the look. We wanted to add tropical patterns to our collection for a long time. For our rent the looks, we try to re-imagine themes with a fresher perspective, stripping down stereotypes and cheesy nuances until we feel we are left with the right amount of emotion, a vibe, a look. 

Coconut escape is about an uplifting island, anywhere in the world. A combination of flowers, greenery, tropical fruits, wood, and bamboo. The look can change depending on the venue. For example: imagine this look placed on a beach with guests (or staff) wearing floral shirts, and the smell of food cooking on a grill - instant vacation vibe! or- this look can be taken out of context and become just a chic tropical event in a modern venue with concrete floors, lots of plants, lighting, and fashion vibes. 

Pictures of our own Coconut Escape in real life HERE


xo Natalie

1. Bamboo Bar // 2. Industrial Barstools // 3. Basic Bench - Monstera Print // 4. Illumina Box table - Walnut // 5. Duke Table // 6. Big Square Ottoman - Tropical Slate // 7. Assorted Pillows // 8. Favor Boxes by Made With Bind // 9. Plant rentals and Floral artistry by Roses et Pivoines

The many faces of our classic Lounge Chair

by Natalie Eshkenasy

The first sofa we have ever made was our wooden frame Lounge chair, back in 2007. The lounge chair, lounge ottoman, and lounge table were basically the first "collection" we ever did.  We've been renting them since for beach side events, resort style, Havana nights- mostly outdoors (we called them "lounge" chairs after all...) and we also added them striped covers as well as black with white piping covers. They have that beach feel. After all, we were inspired by Nikki beach and beach side hotels when we built them. But we really love when our clients use them in a completely different surrounding. The photos below are taken from set ups at an intimate hotel meeting room and a swimsuit trade show in a temporary tent and we love the calm, warm, elegant, and unpretentious feeling it brings with it.

a set up of the lounge chairs inside the 1 Hotel meeting room. for added warmth, plants were added as well as our walnut box tables, duke side tables, and Eames replica chairs. 

a set up of the lounge chairs inside the 1 Hotel meeting room. for added warmth, plants were added as well as our walnut box tables, duke side tables, and Eames replica chairs. 

a mixture of plants and colorful pillows together with our lounge chairs at the Cabana show on Miami Beach.

a mixture of plants and colorful pillows together with our lounge chairs at the Cabana show on Miami Beach.

Right in time for Oktoberfest!

by Natalie Eshkenasy

Bringing you these tables straight from Germany- The original Beer Garden tables are now available for rent in Miami. The tables are rented as a set together with the matching benches and are a bit over 7 feet long. We can totally see them at a corporate outing event or a casual eating area for a conference or festival, paired together with our Pallet lounge and Flattered tables

For any inquiries or quotes needed- Please contact us at 305.893.9331 or email us at

A "Rent The Look" comes alive

by Natalie Eshkenasy

A sunny side up breakfast pop up we styled for a corporate tennis event was inspired by our "Le Petit cafe" Rent The Look. Our friends at Catalina Marketing wanted to create a cafe style seating area that will invite guests to grab snacks and mingle in between tennis matches that took place at Miami Beach's Flamingo Park. They wanted dining height rental tables and bright colors so we immediately thought about the Bistro tables and Wire chairs and added colors with bright yellow pillows and umbrellas. The clear blue skies and green palm trees were a perfect background for the setup. 

The event rental furniture used for this event was inspired by our "Le Petit Cafe" Rent The Look. For more Rent The Look's click this link 



by Natalie Eshkenasy

Happy to share that we added a new chair to our collection and increased the quantity of our beloved White Barstool. 

The new chair- the Eames Replica Chair is a great addition to our event rental collection and can work well with our Sterling sofas, Round island sofas or can be paired with the Birch Flattered coffee table for a clean and modern event look. These chairs are available throughout Greater Miami and Orlando.  

As for the White barstools, we now have 85 of them. We're happy to add a significant number to our rental inventory - a lot of event designers really wanted to pair them with our Ella tables to create multiple communal seating areas but we didn't have enough quantities. Now we do! Yay!

Rent the Look: Wonder Wheel

by Kristabel Delgado in

Let's take a ride into the land of amusement, where the smell of popcorn never ends and the sound of laughter rides around you. Every sign has a wacky font, carnival games are displayed so carefree and fascinating, and the colors are so happy and bold. These are only a few of the things that inspired us for this rent the look. Hope you enjoy it the same way we do! 

Xoxo- Ronen Rental Family

Call us for more information about renting this look at 305-893-9331 or email

1.Accent Pillow - Stripe //2.Wood Pallet Lounge//3.Flattered Table - Lakeside Blue //4. Big Square Ottoman - Golden Pattern //5.Made with Bind Boxes //6. Flattered Table - Branded//

Rent The Look: Vintage Motel

by Natalie Eshkenasy in


This look is all about making you feel like you're on vacation, with a vintage Miami vibe. I lived on Biscayne Blvd for more than a decade and I drove by the old motels across the street every day. Their architecture is fascinating. I could see how back in the 50s & 60s, this was a fun vacation destination for families (Google "Miami Motels", so cute and unpretentious.) My favorite thing about them is their unique signs which are so iconic now. 

Hope you enjoy this one!

xo, Natalie.

1. Illuminated Image Stand with Motel Sign print / 2. Banquet Sofa - Miami Aqua / 3. Assorted Pillows / 4. 4' Round Ottoman - Coral / 5. Armchair - Sky Blue / 6. Illumina Acrylic Bar with Motel Sign Image / 7. Flattered Table - Lakeside Blue / 8. Round Island Sofa

Wynwood Greenhouse - Miami's first greenhouse

by Ronen Tamary

A very interesting project is in planning right now for Miami. Wynwood Greenhouse, led by Miami's leading real estate organization Metro 1, aims to reach $2.5 million in order to begin construction for the 14,000-square-foot public urban park featuring sustainable, cultural and educational content set to open in early 2016.

Here are some photos by World Red Eye of the fundraising dinner that took place last week at LMNT  


"The year we had, and looking forward..."

by Ronen Tamary


Hi there, Ronen here!

I wanted to take a few seconds out of your busy day and share with you some of our thoughts, experiences and highlights of 2014, and what we are planning ahead for this year.

Our 2014 was full of exciting experiences, colorful events, and new ventures. This past year, I made it a point to meet with as many of our clients as possible, and I'm very happy I got to do so. For me, there is nothing more important than meeting face-to-face. I met inspiring event professionals and got to talk about things beyond "furniture proposals". If we haven’t met yet, let’s get in touch! let's set a meeting - we have a new office so we can enjoy a fun talk and plenty of good coffee.  

At Ronen Rental, we believe it's important to support local fabricators and builders. This year we've been focusing on introducing more items that are produced locally. “Made in Miami” became a mantra ingrained in our company culture, and for me, it's an opportunity to stay true to myself and build furniture I love. It keeps me creative, and I enjoy discovering new and talented local makers. You can see more of our design process and behind the scenes on Instagram at @ronenrentalmiami (Don’t forget to follow!). 

We're exited that our Flattered Table, which was introduced early last year as a brandable coffee table, has gained more popularity and has been used as a branding tool at marketing and sponsorship events (click here to see how VH-1 used them during Art Basel). We were able to find a way to lower the production cost of this table meaning we can lower the rental fee. GOOD NEWS FOR 2015!    

Most of you are familiar with our “Rent The Look” posts here on our blog. It began as a side project of colorful, fun themed collages and a list of furniture from our collection. It's our way of showing you the versatility of our furniture and how it can fit almost any theme. It grew in popularity, and we have a lot of fun putting it together. For this year we promise to create more and more posts until there are no themes left in the universe! We hope the “Rent The Look” series will continue to inspire you and make your event planning a bit easier when it comes to design. 

For 2015, we promise more of everything- more furniture, more patterns & more colors. We have some interesting and interactive bars in the pipeline and above all, we're really working hard to get better every day at what we do.

I hope our business relationship will continue to flourish this year as well. Have an amazing 2015 and stay inspired

All the best,