"The year we had, and looking forward..."

by Ronen Tamary


Hi there, Ronen here!

I wanted to take a few seconds out of your busy day and share with you some of our thoughts, experiences and highlights of 2014, and what we are planning ahead for this year.

Our 2014 was full of exciting experiences, colorful events, and new ventures. This past year, I made it a point to meet with as many of our clients as possible, and I'm very happy I got to do so. For me, there is nothing more important than meeting face-to-face. I met inspiring event professionals and got to talk about things beyond "furniture proposals". If we haven’t met yet, let’s get in touch! let's set a meeting - we have a new office so we can enjoy a fun talk and plenty of good coffee.  

At Ronen Rental, we believe it's important to support local fabricators and builders. This year we've been focusing on introducing more items that are produced locally. “Made in Miami” became a mantra ingrained in our company culture, and for me, it's an opportunity to stay true to myself and build furniture I love. It keeps me creative, and I enjoy discovering new and talented local makers. You can see more of our design process and behind the scenes on Instagram at @ronenrentalmiami (Don’t forget to follow!). 

We're exited that our Flattered Table, which was introduced early last year as a brandable coffee table, has gained more popularity and has been used as a branding tool at marketing and sponsorship events (click here to see how VH-1 used them during Art Basel). We were able to find a way to lower the production cost of this table meaning we can lower the rental fee. GOOD NEWS FOR 2015!    

Most of you are familiar with our “Rent The Look” posts here on our blog. It began as a side project of colorful, fun themed collages and a list of furniture from our collection. It's our way of showing you the versatility of our furniture and how it can fit almost any theme. It grew in popularity, and we have a lot of fun putting it together. For this year we promise to create more and more posts until there are no themes left in the universe! We hope the “Rent The Look” series will continue to inspire you and make your event planning a bit easier when it comes to design. 

For 2015, we promise more of everything- more furniture, more patterns & more colors. We have some interesting and interactive bars in the pipeline and above all, we're really working hard to get better every day at what we do.

I hope our business relationship will continue to flourish this year as well. Have an amazing 2015 and stay inspired

All the best,