Rent The Look: Vintage Motel

by Natalie Eshkenasy in


This look is all about making you feel like you're on vacation, with a vintage Miami vibe. I lived on Biscayne Blvd for more than a decade and I drove by the old motels across the street every day. Their architecture is fascinating. I could see how back in the 50s & 60s, this was a fun vacation destination for families (Google "Miami Motels", so cute and unpretentious.) My favorite thing about them is their unique signs which are so iconic now. 

Hope you enjoy this one!

xo, Natalie.

1. Illuminated Image Stand with Motel Sign print / 2. Banquet Sofa - Miami Aqua / 3. Assorted Pillows / 4. 4' Round Ottoman - Coral / 5. Armchair - Sky Blue / 6. Illumina Acrylic Bar with Motel Sign Image / 7. Flattered Table - Lakeside Blue / 8. Round Island Sofa