Rent The Look: Coconut Escape

by Natalie Eshkenasy

I'm so happy about this rent the look. We wanted to add tropical patterns to our collection for a long time. For our rent the looks, we try to re-imagine themes with a fresher perspective, stripping down stereotypes and cheesy nuances until we feel we are left with the right amount of emotion, a vibe, a look. 

Coconut escape is about an uplifting island, anywhere in the world. A combination of flowers, greenery, tropical fruits, wood, and bamboo. The look can change depending on the venue. For example: imagine this look placed on a beach with guests (or staff) wearing floral shirts, and the smell of food cooking on a grill - instant vacation vibe! or- this look can be taken out of context and become just a chic tropical event in a modern venue with concrete floors, lots of plants, lighting, and fashion vibes. 

Pictures of our own Coconut Escape in real life HERE


xo Natalie

1. Bamboo Bar // 2. Industrial Barstools // 3. Basic Bench - Monstera Print // 4. Illumina Box table - Walnut // 5. Duke Table // 6. Big Square Ottoman - Tropical Slate // 7. Assorted Pillows // 8. Favor Boxes by Made With Bind // 9. Plant rentals and Floral artistry by Roses et Pivoines