Art Deco, an important member of our design team.

by Natalie Eshkenasy

Earlier this year I walked past a building on Collins Ave. with detailing that resembled rattan weaving. I unexpectedly became fixated on the pattern and days later added the Rattan Illumina Box Table to our line. Many of our pieces have been sketched up after being inspired by Miami’s Art Deco style where the architecture personifies brave colors, interesting lines and vintage detailing.


When I first moved to Miami, I learned to respect how buildings proudly wore colors like hot pink or aqua.  I’ve heard tourists call these tones invasive but I think that when teamed up with the sand across the street and the surrounding trees, they may actually be witnessing balance. In the same respect, we designed pieces like the Grass Bar and Babar Chair, our signature piece, to play with an event's décor and never against it.

If I take time to wander around the beach or the Upper East Side, I’ll most likely notice something new in a building which I speed past every day.  If I wander with someone from my design team, I can guarantee that he or she will point out an element that I haven’t begun to appreciate. My assurance comes from knowing that Miami’s Art Deco style is hidden throughout this overexposed city…you just need to keep an eye out for details.