Picking Favorites...

by Natalie Eshkenasy

If you were a fly on the wall in our office, you’d see that we each pitch certain pieces relentlessly and usually it’s the piece of furniture we wish we could take home with us.


You may hear something to the extent of “No! I’m sure your husband won’t mind sitting in hot pink chairs! Real men do pink…” It’s not that we’re trying to make shameless sales – it’s that we each pick favorites – there’s no getting around it. So in an attempt for each of us to pitch our preferences, I’ve decided to take it to the blog, writing a series of entries highlighting each member of our team’s favorite piece:


Ronen Tamary 

Favorite piece:

Striped Lounge Chair

Why is the Striped Lounge Chair your favorite?

“The bold print of black and white stripes has always caught my attention. It’s a classic look that I’ve wanted to add in for a long time to give the lounge chair a cozy Mediterranean twist.”

How can I make the stripes act more like a neutral so I can have other bold accents in my décor?

“Black and white can be incorporated into any color scheme. We wanted to give our clients an option other than all white or mango lounge furniture so that they could include some of our black furniture into their layouts. This print gives the rich wood an opportunity to mix with pieces like the Lana or Jasper Tables, fitting into classic outdoor setting. For an edgier look, throw some hot pink or bright green pillows onto the black and white stripes and you’ve got a brand new scene.”

If you could integrate the Striped Lounge Furniture into any setting, where would it be?

"I definitely see a sunset, poolside or beachside – the Striped Lounge Furniture mixed with white ottomans and black Lana Tables."