Picking Favorites…The debate continues…

by Natalie Eshkenasy

Our next “favorite” victim is our creative director, Natlie Eshkenasy. As expected she jumped at the chance to tell me why the Denim Bench is the most “fab” piece we have in our collection. She said it with such conviction; I almost started to believe it was my favorite!


Natalie Eshkenasy, Creative Director


Denim Bench


Why the Denim Bench?

“A pair of jeans can define a period of time or span an era. Denim is a classic and effortless fabric that never goes out of style! You can put whatever you want with denim and it will look fabulous…”

If you could put the Denim Benches in any setting, where would it be?

“I’d warm up an industrial space with the denim benches. I see it with the Hounds Tooth Illumina Box Tables and huge bright, maybe even neon, chandeliers! Or you can maintain a minimalist tone with clean and mirrored accents like the Jasper Table.”

How would you encourage the people to utilize the denim?

“I haven’t seen anyone else with denim furniture; it has an edge.  It’s vintage, modern and comfortable all at the same time…Our eyes are used to seeing the fabric. Everyone has denim in their closet because it blends so naturally.“