Branding effectively using our furniture rentals

by Ronen Tamary

Company products and logos are one of the most important components when producing a branded event. A lounge area that incorporates a brand well, and in creative ways, is effective and satisfying at the same time. 

Some Corporate clients need to place their logos in a good, visible spot during the event. But sometimes, the usual "logo on bar approach" isn't enough for them. perhaps they want a "not-so-in-your-face" way, but still serve the purpose of their brand awareness. Matching the brand colors into the lounge furniture or showing the company logo in unconventional places are just a few things we like to do when we need to think about branding.      

Here's how some clients used our event furniture rentals to add custom branding and make their logos and images stand out: 

Logos on illuminated bars, black bars, and mirror bars This is probably the number one way that people think of in terms of logo placement at the event. Deciding on which bar to use greatly depends on the style of the logo and the company's brand identity. I find the black and mirror bars to be more classic and elegant (maybe even masculine at times) while the illuminated bars are more "cluby", and fun. 

Custom images on illuminated bars -  Many times we are approached by clients asking to add a full blown image of something that has more of an emotional or special visual connection for them like an advertising campaign or just beautiful images that matches the event concept. One example is with the Monopoly Miami & The Beaches edition launch party, where our illuminated box tables were customized with the Monopoly board. In another case, one of our private clients used the bar to place a vintage image of a swimming lady for his 50's Birthday gathering at his home, and placed the bar near his pool area and private collection of mid century modern furniture.

Branding of back bar display - What happens when you place a logo on our bar per se and the event begins? the logos are totally blocked by the crowed flocking the bar for a drink. If you wish to add the logos beyond the bars, you can place them on our illuminated image stand and/or the Ella shelving. These pieces are at eye level and are placed behind the bar, making it impossible to miss while waiting for their cocktail. Of course images are welcome and not only logos.  

Using custom stencils on a chalkboard bar - The use of chalkboards became very popular at events as you can see in Bizbash ideas for decor and the chalkboard bar can really help get a more indie, artsy and young feel. We can create stencils of a logo or anything, making it super easy for our clients to place on the bar and simply trace it with colorful chalk. In the picture above you can see an example of a "Drinks & Desserts" stencil that was applied to the bar. In other cases, some event producers like to write all the social hashtags associated with the event so guests can post about it on social networks (check out the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge produced by Olivia Ormos of OO & CO).     

For more examples of branded furniture at events you can take a look at our branding ideas page or give us a call if you have any questions or if you would really want to get creative at an event. The process is simple, you can send us the image or logo and we will basically take care of all the rest.