Rent the look: Surrounded by plants

by Natalie Eshkenasy in

RTL-surrounded by plants.jpg

I love spaces that have lots of plants in different sizes and types scattered around. For this Rent The Look we wanted to curate pieces from our rental collection that could create an event in a space full of plants! (Indoors and outdoors, obviously.)

For me, plants add such an "alive" vibe, they create a happy environment and the greenery adds another layer of color to your event decor.

I love our "Tangled Green" patterned armchair, banquet sofa and ottomans. They have a modern, garden feel and I get excited just thinking about how cool it could look in an exotic, plant craziness space at a wedding or just a chic gathering. We paired them with wood pieces like our Duke Table and a Wood molding bar - wood always works with plants because that's how they are in nature ( I guess), and of course, how can we forget the palm printed Ella Shelving!!! 

Stay Inspired , and surround yourself with lots of plants!! :)


1. Big Square - Tangled Green // 2. Industrial counter table // 3. Industrial barstool // 4. basic Armchair - Tangled Green // 5. Duke Table // 6. Banquet Sofa - Tangled Green // 7. Assorted Pillows // 8. Wood Molding Bar // 9. Ella Shelving w/ Custom print